5th Edition of Business Angels Week 13 – 19 November/ Global Entrepreneurship Declaration/WE/Zagreb Connect/ABAN/ and much much more!


The 5th edition of the Business Angels Week is now in full swing and will officially was launched Monday 13 November! Don’t forget, it is taking place together in combination with the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) and we are delighted to be doing this with our friends at the Global Entrepreneurship Network. We are counting more than 250 events so far and Business Angels still have the opportunity to list their events until December!

The BAW and GEW is also the perfect time to highlight the Global Entrepreneurship Declaration that EBAN is doing with our partner, 1MillionStart-Ups and UNIDO. Don’t miss out on letting your favorite entrepreneur know that she or he can sign up until 15 November and make history as one of the entrepreneurs supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

And, speaking a little bit closer to home, we want to make certain and highlight three activities by our members and partners. The first is the launch of the new Accelerator our Cork BIC colleagues are doing on Cyber Security this coming 15 November in Cork. A package of 50 K Euros is awaiting each selected company! Read more about it below. We are also most pleased to announce that our WE (Women Entrepreneur) LeanIn EU WBA Project will be launching their 5 week training course on 14 November. So much is going on in November, it is hard to keep track of everything but all these activities are truly ground-breaking. And finally, not in November but early December on St.Nicholas Day, Zagreb Connect — the home of our EBAN 2016 Winter Summit — will be put on by our great members, CRANE, the Croatian Business Angels Network.

To connect your event to BAW and to request any additional information, please contact us at [email protected]


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