Budget MEPs call for bold response to Corona emergency


Ahead of the EU summit, the Chair and the coordinators of the Committee on Budgets call for an ambitious budgetary and financial package in response to the Covid-19 outbreak.

“The Covid-19 outbreak is an unprecedented European challenge that calls for immediate European-wide coordination and solutions. All together we must join forces to overcome the public health challenge that this crisis has engendered, while at the same time protecting our citizens, employees, SMEs and economies”, Members of the Committee on Budgets said on Friday. “We expect the EU Leaders today to support bold and coordinated measures to tackle this unprecedented emergency. The Union budget is part of the solution to overcome the public health and economic shock, in complementarity with the national budgets and initiatives from the European Central Bank, the European Investment Bank.

With instruments like the civil protection mechanism, the research framework programme, cohesion policy or InvestEU – to name but a few – the EU budget offers clear added value by providing common equipment and facilities, channelling emergency support in and outside the EU, supporting scientific research and protecting/fostering investments.

We therefore call on the Union institutions, and in particular the European Council and the European Commission, to push forward a comprehensive and ambitious budgetary and financial package, providing the necessary liquidities, focussing in particular on the following… More details here. 

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