Entrepreneurs With ‘Founder’s Disease’ Will Make Any Investor Run Away


A pair of entrepreneurs approached me seeking advice on launching their new business.

They were looking for help in formulating their go-to-market strategy, tightening up their business plan, and figuring out how much capital they’d need to raise and how to raise it.

So I sat with the partners for an hour or so hoping to size them up as people while also getting a sense for their business concept.

I realized that the partners had been manifesting all the symptoms of the dreaded founder’s disease. Here are the classic tells:

1. They insist on a C-level titles, even if they aren’t qualified: It’s OK to start out as president or even CEO, but savvy entrepreneurs know that, at some point, they may need to bring in professional managers who’ve managed rapidly-growing teams.

2. They’re not coachable: They approach most situations thinking they’ve got the answers already, and they’re not good at seeking and accepting advice from outside experts and investors.

 More details: www.businessinsider.com

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