Get ready for Japan


A 2-week mission to Japan to get an in-depth understanding of how to do business in Japan

  • Are you a Start-Up or a SME (small medium enterprise)?
  • Do you wish to gain in-depth insight into the Japanese business environment?
  • Do you require a better understanding of your Japanese partners/competitors?
  • Do you need to learn more about Japanese management practices?
  • Are you about to be transferred to Japan?
  • Are you considering venturing into the Japanese market?


Since 1987, more than 600 companies across Europe have benefited from knowledge and concrete tools for better approaching the Japanese market thanks to the Centre training programmes.

The 2-week ‘Get Ready for Japan’ scheme offers EU managers the unique opportunity to experience and understand both the cultural and economic elements which define and explain Japan’s business and technological achievements. Continuously improved to meet the latest expectations about business in Japan, the Get Ready for Japan provides EU businessmen with a professional Japan-related expertise.

It is focused on business management and consists of a combination of lectures, case studies, role plays and company visits. This is designed to help participants become thoroughly informed about the actual conditions of Japanese business through practical analysis and research. Participants will have the opportunity to take part to negotiation role-play exercises and discuss with Japanese managers about decision-making, team management methods in Japan.


Typical participants:
– Start-Up or SME
– have a major role in defining and implementing their companies’ policies vis-à-vis Japan,
– are to be transferred to Japan,
– come from companies intending to supply Japanese companies,
– wish to learn about management practices and technological developments in Japan.


The candidate must:

– be a citizen of an EU Member State or of a COSME partnering country;
– work for a company that is > 50% EU or COSME partnering country owned;
– work for an organisation that is an EU or COSME partnering country juridical person;
– be supported by their employer and be able to participate in the entire programme;
– have a reasonable command of English;
– be a manager or an executive from an industrial company;
– have proven experience in industry.

Details here.

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