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My name is Codrin. I am a Romanian who has done all he could so far to change the world in which we all live in.

I am an activist, researcher, (part time) book writer, teacher/trainer, NGO founder, strategist, communicator, policy maker and husband.

I worked as an activist in both policy making and NGOs since I was 12 years old and founded my own iNGO ( in 2011. I have written funding projects for public institutions and private enterprises, created CSR campaigns and communications strategies (through both mass media and social media) and got recognized as an innovator in agriculture, food security, social media, management and economics.

I have started writing a book about the world that is getting built inside my head and, today, I need your help to move forward.

What I ask from you

I am registered as a candidate for the OneYoungWorld Summit planned to take place in Johannesburg, South Africa in October 2013 (

This is a “once in a lifetime” event that will bring together the best young leaders of my generation and give me the opportunity to advocate the ideas of my generation with world leaders. In a few words, it will give me the chance to be “the voice of my generation”.
For this participation, I have to pay the 3135 British pounds fee (approx. 4900 US Dollars) and my return flight of approx. 2000 US dollars (on February 8th). Also the requested donation on your behalf includes visa costs, medical insurance (approx. 800 US Dollars) and the IndieGoGo Paypal fees.
All the funds will be used solely for arranging my participation to the One YoungWorld Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa.
As this is a “black or white” campaign, I have chosen a “Fixed Funding” option. If the campaign doesn`t reach its funding goal, all your donations will be returned to you.

You can contribute by clicking here:

The Impact

Your contribution will have a great impact in giving existing youth-led lobbying and advocacy efforts in the field of agriculture and food security a greater reach and official recognition.
While today only 6% of all farmers in the world are below the age of 24, we urgently need to bring this to the attention of the global policy arena if we wish not to face a food crisis in the immediate future.
Giving a voice at international level to a professional from the agricultural field might be a fair beginning to such a campaign.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can`t contribute, let others know about this funding campaign.

Share this on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and all other social network.

Reblog it on your blogs and send it by email to anyone you know that might be interested.

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About Codrin Paveliuc

Codrin Paveliuc Olariu este cercetator postdoctoral in cadrul Departamentului de Economie si Dezvoltare Rurala a Gembloux Agro Bio Tech, University of Liege, Belgia. Are un doctorat in Management si marketing in agricultura, Master in Management agricol, fiind Inginer Diplomat in Agricultura. Specialist in politici publice pe probleme cum ar fi securitatea alimentara, agricultura sau dezvoltarea rurala, a lucrat cu Groupe de Bruges, Guvernul Romaniei (MADR) , Comisia Europeana si diverse companii de consultanta. Este Presedintele Comitetului Director al YPARD (Young Professionals` Platform for Agricultural Research for Development) si fondator al YPLD (Young Professionals in Local Development).

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