Here are the 8 startups graduating from Chinaccelerator’s third class


The accelerator, founded by Cyril Ebersweiler and Sean O’Sullivan and now part of the Global Accelerator Network, got its start two years ago, graduating 6 startups in its first class and 9 in its second.

Overall, I was impressed with the quality of the pitching. Chinaccelerator is raising the bar here in China, and today’s demos really reflected that.


AppSpree is a cross-promotion platform for mobile applications that is aiming to help app publishers promote their apps through an exchange network. The founders met at Mcgill College in Canada and have built a free SDK that lets developers submit banners to a network while adding the platform’s banner system to their own ads. Apps that show more impressions of banners from other members of the community will then earn impressions on other apps.

The startup plans to monetize by reserving 20 percent of the impressions for Cost Per Action-based pure performance marketing. Revenue from the system would be paid out to publishers with AppSpree keeping a portion for itself.

If this is able to tap into the indie developer community, it could make a big splash. Mobile banner ads get a bad rap, but intelligent app recommendations via a cross-promotion network would be a lot less obnoxious than some of the stuff we’re seeing on our phones right now.

More details:

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