Parliament to vote on additional emergency measures to tackle Covid-19 outbreak


Parliament will meet in plenary this Thursday and Friday to debate and vote on the latest Commission proposals to address the effects of the Covid-19 outbreak in the EU.

On 16-17 April, MEPs are expected to vote on €3 billion in emergency support for the health sectors of the most affected EU countries as well as on a scheme to procure medical supplies for member states facing shortages. The package also includes additional funds for the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control and support to help Greece deal with increased migratory pressures.

MEPs are also expected to approve special measures to help the poorest and most vulnerable EU citizens, including with protective equipment and the delivery of food aid.

Parliament votes on exceptional measures to allow more flexibility in the use of EU cohesion and structural funding to alleviate the effects of the coronavirus, as well as on financial assistance to protect hard-hit fishing communities and aquaculture farmers from the pandemic.

Also on the agenda is a debate with the Council and the Commission on EU-coordinated action to combat the Covid-19 pandemic and its consequences. MEPs also vote on a resolution on this. More details here.

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