Synergy 2011, 3rd November 2011, London

SynergyLogoSynergy 2011 is a major event being held to recognise and celebrate the Project Management profession. Taking our annual International Project Management Day event to a whole new level, our idea is to do something a little bit bigger, a little bit bolder, and on a grander scale to raise the profile of Project Management within the UK.

The high profile Speakers will both inform and entertain, having been involved directly or indirectly with Project Management.

Delivering successful projects, together.

PMI UK Chapter is proud to host a day of entertainment, learning and celebration. The presenting Speakers have been involved in some of the biggest, most significant projects happening in the UK today. Celebrate your profession, enjoy a day that will be sure to open your mind and engage your ambitions.

High profile Speakers will inform and entertain, having been involved directly or indirectly with project management. This landmark occasion will be held on International Project Management Day 2011, giving us all the chance to celebrate our chosen profession. PMI UK Chapter is proud to be hosting this event, which is expected to be the biggest of its kind ever seen in Europe.

Delivering a successful society, together.

PMI UK Chapter is doing our part in Big Society, by launching the Education Foundation Project – educating teachers on the value of project management so that they can pass the knowledge onto their junior and senior students.

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