Tech Trailblazers Awards launches 1 million dollars prize fund for pioneering enterprise tech startups


The Tech Trailblazers Awards, open for entries July 18th, represent a new concept in enterprise IT awards. Designed explicitly for enterprise tech startups that are less than five years old and at C-series funding or below, the awards not only recognize startup innovation, but also proactively help startups grow their businesses with exclusive coaching, mentoring and development services worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Unlike some other awards, the Tech Trailblazers are not tied to a particular event or publication, instead it is completely independent and global. The awards are focused on the key enterprise IT sectors of cloud, infosecurity, mobile, networking, storage and virtualization. In addition, there is a sustainable IT category and an emerging markets category.

All entrants to the Tech Trailblazers Awards will win a prize of commercial value, even if they do not place in the awards. The growing prize fund, worth an estimated $1 million+, is supported by industry vendors, analysts, venture capitalists, government bodies, the media, event partners and other industry-specific services.

The extensive judging panel includes the IT industry’s leading figures from around the world, giving little-known startups the opportunity to present their products and services to eminent influencers.

Sponsors to date include MIT/Stanford Venture Lab, the Cloud Security Alliance, Prezi, RealWire, Mynewsdesk, and ExecEvent. To inquire about sponsorship, please email [email protected].

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