Un sfat pe zi – Agricultura

L.G., 47 de ani, Franta

Intrebare: „What do you believe to be the biggest threats when setting up a new operation in Romanian agriculture?”

Raspuns: At this moment, the biggest threats tied to  setting up a new operation in Romania are related to costs and bureaucracy. Depending on your desired field of expertise and other related factors (such as geographical area), other specific threats/weaknesses can be discovered (such as lack of infrastructure, surface uniformity, lack of irrigation or water source etc.).

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About Codrin Paveliuc

Codrin Paveliuc Olariu este cercetator postdoctoral in cadrul Departamentului de Economie si Dezvoltare Rurala a Gembloux Agro Bio Tech, University of Liege, Belgia. Are un doctorat in Management si marketing in agricultura, Master in Management agricol, fiind Inginer Diplomat in Agricultura. Specialist in politici publice pe probleme cum ar fi securitatea alimentara, agricultura sau dezvoltarea rurala, a lucrat cu Groupe de Bruges, Guvernul Romaniei (MADR) , Comisia Europeana si diverse companii de consultanta. Este Presedintele Comitetului Director al YPARD (Young Professionals` Platform for Agricultural Research for Development) si fondator al YPLD (Young Professionals in Local Development).

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