1st PLATOON Open Call open from 4th January to 4th March 2021


What is the 1st PLATOON Open Call about?

PLATOON is a project with a total budget of €9,998,445 with €2M dedicated to cascade funding where each project can receive up to €150K.

For the 1st PLATOON Open Call, we will be selecting 6 SMEs to develop and/or extend different components of the PLATOON reference architecture and data analytics tools to be implemented and validated by PLATOON’s 7 large scale pilots that focus on increased renewable energy consumption, smart grids management, increased energy efficiency and optimised energy asset management.

The 1st PLATOON Open Call will open on the 4th of January 2021 and close on the 4th of March at 5PM (CET).

What’s in it for participants?

The selected proposals will be invited to join the Technology Transfer Programme 1 (TTP1). The selected SMEs will benefit from their participation in the PLATOON TTP1 in a number of ways, namely by:

Securing a position within PLATOON’s marketplace as a market driver (see Annex III);
Deploying across numerous end-users that are already compliant to the PLATOON ecosystem and
Fast-tracking their solution through extensive technical and business networks in the energy domain provided by the PLATOON project.
The maximum amount per bottom-up project is up to 150,000€ equity-free funding.

Who are we looking for?

SMEs with experience in at least one of the below experimentation areas:

Digital Interoperability (APIs and Data models);
Data Analytics applications in energy (such as Energy usage optimisation, Predictive maintenance, Demand forecast, etc.);
Data governance, security, privacy and sovereignty and
Edge computing (S/H).
What are we looking for?

We are looking for SMEs interested in developing and/or extending different components of the PLATOON reference architecture to be implemented and validated in PLATOON’s large-scale pilots.

There are two types of challenges being funded by this call:

Ready-Made Challenge

Open source IDS Connector on Edge;
Tool for automatic deployment of containerised applications in a Cloud or on premise environment;
Secure Multi party computation;
PLATOON compliant data management and interoperability solution;
PLATOON Photovoltaic forecasters; Tool for scanning maintenance logs.
Free-Choice Challenge

Participants are free to propose their own challenge and solve it based on the project information provided in the applicant guide regarding project objective, reference architecture, components we are already developing and the available pilots. In this sense, transversal solutions applicable to more than one pilot are preferred.

What is the timeline?

The 1st PLATOON Open Call will select 6 SMEs during the period from April 2021 to June 2021, that once selected will enter into a 9-month support framework programme, across different stages that will be tailored to the beneficiaries needs.

Helpdesk about the Open Calls at: [email protected]

Support Space on the Open Calls via this link.

PLATOON aims to find SMEs to develop tools and services that will support the PLATOON project in increasing renewable energy consumption, smart grids management, increased energy efficiency and optimised energy asset management.

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