European Journalism COVID-19 Support Fund


Informed communities need journalists.
The European Journalism Centre (EJC) and the Facebook Journalism Project (FJP) have launched a $3 million USD fund to support hundreds of community, local and regional European news organisations.

Our mission is to protect news organisations and journalists that are supporting the most affected communities across Europe. Our grants will help them provide essential coverage, inform citizens and fight misinformation with minimal resources during the COVID-19 crisis.

The purpose of the Fund is to provide core funding to support community engagement initiatives, address critical business needs, and facilitate innovative journalistic coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are three tracks that will provide grants ranging between €5,000 and €50,000. Priority will be given to small and medium-sized news organisations supporting the communities most affected by the crisis.

Applications for wave 1 of the European Journalism COVID-19 Support Fund opened on Friday 17 April.


News organisations and journalists that are:

  • Based in Europe (as defined by the Council of Europe)
  • Actively covering COVID-19
  • Serving communities on a hyperlocal, local or regional scale, or communities of interest
  • Either non-profit or for-profit

Documentation here.

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