Gestionarea unei afaceri de consultanta. Curs de formare pentru consultanti de afaceri in perioada 15-17 mai 2017 la Bucuresti


From reaching out to new client groups to managing talent and resources, learn how to make your business more effective, more competitive and more profitable. Held in Bucharest on 15-17 May 2017 (3 full days), this course gives a complete overview of managing a consulting business.

Know how to make your business more effective, more competitive and more profitable.
This course will help you:

  • Make the most of the talent and skills of your partners and staff to develop and expand your business
  • Learn and apply business models and best practice strategies specifically relevant to consulting companies
  • Discover technology and financial models to help you manage your business more efficiently
  • Recognise potential risks and learn how to engage in effective risk management
  • Learn firm development skills and management behaviours specifically for management of a professional services company, including techniques for managing the consulting/client interface, managing internal knowledge and instituting an effective management culture
  • Understand IP development and protection concerns
  • Learn how to complement your expertise and build partnerships/strategic alliances.

There are six courses:

  • Management consulting essentials
  • Starting a consulting business
  • Managing a consulting business
  • Marketing and selling consulting services
  • Business diagnostics for consulting
  • Project management for consulting.

Application form Managing a consulting business

Managing a consulting business 

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