Microsoft Project scheduling for free with Gantter

planificare1Few project scheduling tools provide the robustness of Microsoft Project in a web-based environment. Most web-based project management tools feature team collaboration with a “pick a date” project management approach rather than supporting a dynamic schedule where task dependencies and task progress drive changes to the project schedule.

I’ve written previously about fee-based collaborative scheduling tools like LiquidPlanner and Brightwork that provide innovative approaches to project collaboration and project scheduling. Microsoft Project Server is a popular choice for organizations invested in a Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Project strategy.

However, project teams seeking the dynamic scheduling capability of Microsoft Project without a license fee will be pleasantly surprised with Gantter, a free project management collaboration tool that is described as a “web based Microsoft Project”. Gantter’s look and feel mimics the Microsoft Project Gantt View and supports the core scheduling features required to develop and manage a project schedule.

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