Online Seminar SMART4ALL


This is an international event and it will be held in English on 11th August.

About programme SMART4ALL

Learn more about the European funding programme SMART4ALL in our virtual Meet & Apply. The event is aimed at all companies with less than 500 employees and academic institutions that are looking for projects focusing on the Internet of Things (IoT).

What is SMART4ALL?

SMART4ALL is a funding programme that promotes the transfer of knowledge and technology between academic institutions and industry. The focus is on Low-Energy-Computing (CLEC) technologies for Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and the Internet of Things (IoT) for the following areas (detailed overview in the SMART4ALL summary in Pdf):

Digitized Transport (e.g. Smart Mobility)

Digitized Environment (e.g. Smart Building)

Digitized Agriculture (e.g. Smart Farming)

Digitized Anything (e.g. Smart Healthcare)

September 30 is the deadline for the project type “Focused Technology Transfer Experiments (FTTEs)”. In this project type, a party transfers a specific hardware or software technology to the receiving partner in order to improve its products or processes.

The application process is very entrepreneur-friendly. The funding body provides a template which can be filled in within 1-2 days.

Learn in our virtual workshop how to best prepare for a SMART4ALL project application and find suitable partners for your project.

  • Get first-hand information on the funding programme
  • Pitch your project idea to potential project partners
  • Present your SMART4ALL competencies
  • Learn how the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) can support your project application

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