PMI® Announces Release Date for New PMP® Examination

stamford_logo_christmasThe content outlined below is a summary of the latest communication Stamford Global has received from PMI® , along with additional information from our partner, RMC

On October 6th of 2010, Stamford Global  was notified by The Project Management Institute (PMI) that based on an extensive role delineation study, the role of the Project Manager has changed and PMP® examination must be updated.

Please read all of this information carefully, and feel free to forward this page to anyone who you believe may be affected. Otherwise, if you have additional questions regarding the information outlined below, please contact our Customer Service Department at 00-36-23-805-600 or via email at [email protected]

What is the release date of the New Exam?
As announced in PMI’s October 6th communication to the Registered Education Provider (REP) Community, a new version of the PMP® exam will be placed into worldwide use for any and all PMI® credential examinations taken on or after August 31st, 2011.

Is this new exam a result of changes to the PMBOK® Guide?

No. Exam takers should continue to reference A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge- Fourth Edition ( 2008) until a new PMBOK® Guide is released, sometime in 2012.

Will there be significant differences between the existing exam and the new one?
Yes. According to PMI, approximately 30% of the PMP exam content will change as a result of new or substantial changes to reflect the project manager’s role as defined by the recent study. Changes to the exam will be implemented through existing items being updated as appropriate, new examination items being developed top meet these requirements, and old items that do not meet the criteria being retired.

Also, certain areas of the examination will be tested in a different way because an existing domain was seen to be common across all content areas of the examination. Specifically, the Professional and Social responsibility content area (Domain 6) will now be tested in every domain, rather than as a separate domain on the examination.

Will there be changes eligibility criteria, application process or passing score?
According to PMI, the education and experience requirements that define the eligibility for the existing PMP examination remain appropriate and will not be changed. However, PMI did not address changes to the passing score in its communication with the REP community.

What am I supposed to do now?
Although PMI is planning on changing approximately 30% of the PMP® examination, these changes will NOT be effective until August 31st of 2011. Therefore, any students planning to sit for the exam before August 31st of 2011must continue to use currently available, non-updated materials. RMC is already in process of updating its materials and classes for those planning to take the exam after August 31st of 2011, and we will have updated products, classes and e-Learning courses available in advance of the exam change.

We strongly recommend that students sit for the CURRENT version of the exam if it is possible to do so, to avoid any new exam-related issues that may occur.

If you are taking the PMP® exam prior to August 31st of 2011, please visit our PMP Exam Preparation Page.

Upcoming PMC PMP Exam preparation course schedules:
March 23-24 2011, Budapest
June 16-17 2011, Budapest
November 17-18 2011, Budapest
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