Se lanseaza apelul de proiecte ENI CBC “Bazinul Marii Negre 2014-2020”


Primul apel de propuneri de proiecte din cadrul Programului Operational ENI CBC “Bazinul Marii Negre 2014-2020” va fi lansat la 31 ianuarie 2017 termenul limita de depunere este 31 mai 2017, ora 24:00.

The 1st call for proposals will be open for the project proposals contributing to all Programme thematic objectives and priorities:
1.    Promote business and entrepreneurship within the Black Sea Basin
Priority 1.1 Jointly promote business and entrepreneurship in the tourism and cultural sectors
Priority 1.2 Increase cross-border trade opportunities and modernisation in the agricultural and connected sectors
2.    Promote coordination of environmental protection and joint reduction of marine litter in the Black Sea Basin

Priority 2.1 Improve joint environmental monitoring
Priority 2.2 Promote common awareness-raising and joint actions to reduce river and marine litter
The overall indicative amount of ENI funds for the two thematic objectives for the first call is 19,655,625.60 EUR.
The ENI grant shall be maximum 92% of the total eligible costs of the Project (per each Lead/Project partner).
The rate of national co-financing shall be at least 8% of the total eligible costs of the Project, calculated per Lead/Project partner budgets in the project.

Any grant awarded under this Call for Proposals for the implementation of a Project must fall between the following minimum and maximum amounts:

Priority    Minimum amount (EUR)    Maximum amount (EUR)
Priority 1.1    500.000,00    1.500.000,00
Priority 1.2    300.000,00    700.000,00
Priority 2.1    500.000,00    1.000.000,00
Priority 2.2    300.000,00    1.000.000,00

Applicants have to complete and submit their application electronically via the electronic monitoring system of the programme (e-MS) –


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