Training course: Eduglocal


Eduglocal is a training course for teachers who want to encourage their learners to engage in Global issues as a local level. The course, held a several venues throughout Europe is open to teachers, teacher trainers and educationalists at all levels of education.

The course looks at the interdependency between such global themes as Climate Change, Global Citizenship, Food, Health and Migration. It focuses on a closer relation between such global themes and finding answers to problems at a local level. The course explores the relationships between Civil Society Organisations and educational Establishments. The teaching material is based upon a series of specifically developed eLearning WebQuests and resources.

The themes will be explored in the context of lectures, study trips and workshops in urban and rural settings. Learning outside the classroom will be enhanced with mobile learning through tablets and smartphones, which are now revolutionising outdoor education.

The ultimate aim of the course is to develop a generation of active citizens working across the world to solve these major global issues and create a better future for all.

  • Learning outcomes include:
  • ‘Glocal’ – Understand concepts of Global and Local Education
  • Understand what young people can do to become active in Global issues
  • Explore eLearning from a Global perspective
  • Using Eduglocal Quests and online resources in the classroom
  • A greater understanding of teaching about Global Issues and becoming active outside the classroom
  • How teachers can link with Civil Society Organisations
  • Learning methodologies for ICT facilitated learning
  • Understanding the issues surrounding Migration, Climate Change, Health, Food and Citizenship
  • Develop an individual relationship and responsibility to the global challenges
  • To become aware of the potential threat to our environment and economy
  • Using and interpreting museums for research purposes
  • Using the landscape as an outdoor classroom supported by digital media.
  • To be able to create and implement your own WebQuests

The courses comply fully with the Erasmus+ (Erasmus Plus) European criteria for mobility grants. We provide full modules for preparation, monitoring and validation. Details here. 

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