How old can an online business get?


Over a work experience of more than 10 years in online entrepreneurship, I identified seven ages of development for an online business. This article will analyze every step and help you prepare for the ups and downs of each stage. You will have to draw your own map, choose your own routes, make your own mistakes, but at the end of the journey, you will discover that it was all worth it.

1. Enthusiasm

This is the first stage of a business: the first weeks or months, a period characterised by almost irrational exhilaration, the joy of being your own boss, the fascination of seeing your ideas coming to fruition, the faith that everything is possible.

In this stage you don’t know almost anything about the processes in your business, your clients or have a clear understanding of the cash-flow notion, therefore the cash-flow will be almost invisible.

Some advice: gather knowledge and information, assess your options, but all the while avoid physical exhaustion, avoid starting more things at the same time and most of all avoid exaggerated expenses.

2. Naivety

The naivety phase will be a time for trying and failing, a time for learning and growing. The biggest challenge during this age will be to see the real picture around you, as you will feel an intense desire to “walk into the shoes” of a real entrepreneur, but that will mostly be a mimicking approach, not one based on a clear understanding of what’s happening.

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