Consulting and Science – Partners for Innovation

This November, Europe’s consultants will gather in Vienna for the third time to discuss, to exchange experiences and to network. In 2007, the city on the Danube played host to 148 consultants from 18 European countries. On 14 November 2008, Austrian International Consultants (AIC) expect even more visitors.

The pertinent and future-orientated topic of this year’s forum makes this more than likely: Consulting and Science – Partners for Innovation. The list of speakers is first class and international. The municipality of Vienna in its role as host has provided the stately Wappensaal in the prestigious town hall as the venue for this event.

Science, research, education and training are the resources on which the competitiveness of the developed industrial states is based in today’s globalised market and will continue to be based in the future. Putting ideas and knowledge to practical ends as efficiently and effectively as possible will be key to this process. Practitioners must identify the need for further research and development in a timely and precise fashion and pass their insights on to researchers and scientists.

AIC President Dr. Walter Mayr is convinced that the role of the consultancy firms represented by the Austrian International Co nsultants is pivotal: “Consulting firms can play a central role in this essential process by facilitating communication in both directions, thus functioning as transmitters and catalysts.

“For this reason, the 3rd European Consultants’ Cooperation Forum (ECCF) will be dedicated to precisely this topic and will investigate to what extent links between “Science and Consulting” have developed worldwide. It will consider which needs but also which chances exist in our immediate European neighbourhood. As Dr. Mayr points out: “The dialogue has already begun – now it is time to intensify and optimise it.”

A detailed programme including a list of all speakers (who range from John Bessant, Tanaka Business School, Carmencita Cheung, University of Hong Kong, Stefan Posch, Innovation Service Network, Claudia Rechten, GOPA -Cartermill, Hannes Pichler, The Boston Consulting Group, to Peter Lorenz, Peter Lorenz Ateliers) and an online registration form can be found at

The event will take place in English. Sponsors have the opportunity to present their firms in the town hall and the chance to meet and talk to young professionals from all over Europe.

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E-Mail: [email protected]

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