1st Call


The main goal of the Open Calls is to incentivize EU – US NGI teams to carry out experiments using EU and/or US based experimental platforms. This will take the form of funding to be provided through a cascade grant process for the EU counterparts of the teams formed. The focus of the Open Calls will be the first set of priority topics on the EU’s Next Generation Internet (NGI) Initiative and related topics in which results are already available from previous NGI RIA projects to be partnered with an Experimental Platform of the proposer’s choice.

Please note that while the focus is on these topics addressed in other NGI projects, the Open Call also welcomes new EU innovators not already involved in other NGI projects that have their own results related to these topics and who wish to carry out experiments with a US-based team.

1st Open Call Topic Priorities

Deadline: 29th May 2020.

Two types of proposals can be funded under the Open Calls, as shown below:

LT – Long term contribution: €50,000 – €150,000.
ST – Short-Term contributions: €25,000 – €75,000.

The topics for the 1st Open Call are:

  • Privacy and Trust enhancing technologies – experimentation of results on the NGI call topic related to the development of robust and easy to use technologies to help users gain improved trust and greater control when sharing their personal data, attributes and information.
  • Decentralised data governance – experimentation of results on the NGI call topic related to leveraging distributed open hardware and software ecosystems based on blockchains, distributed ledger technology, open data and peer-to-peer technologies with particular focus on ethical, legal and privacy issues, as well the concepts of autonomy, data sovereignty and ownership, values and regulations.
  • Discovery and identification technologies – experimentation of results on the NGI call topic related to new methods of search, discovery, and access of large heterogeneous data sources, services, objects and sensors, devices, multi-media content, etc. and which may include aspects of numbering; providing contextual querying, personalised information retrieval and improved quality of experience.

EU – US Experimental Platforms

Although the calls are open to all EU or US experimental platforms (or even some combination); some examples of the types of platforms that could be used are:

  • EU – NGI Experimentation (NGI-EXP), FED4FIRE+, 5G-PPP, among other
  • US – NSF’s Wired and Wireless funded programs, such as ENTeR / GENI, FABRIC, and Future Cloud Platform, Platforms for Advanced Wireless Research (PAWR), US Ignite, and dedicated US-EU Internet Core & Edge (ICE-T) programmes, among others.

Examples of EU – US Project Teams

Innovator(s) in EU that have developed an NGI based solution to improve new ways of search and discovery functionality teamed up with a US based experimental platform funded by the NSF.

Innovator(s) in US funded by NSF that have developed NGI – based solutions on decentralised data governance that want to team up with an EU based partner who has also developed similar solutions and team up for further development and testing on an EU based experimental platform e.g. FED4FIRE+ or 5G-PPP.

In both of these examples, according to the funding rules, would fund the EU – based partners and the NSF would fund the US partners, either under existing project funds or new US – EU project funds.

Documentation kit here.

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