Grant Program for Japanese-Language Education Activities

Obiectivele programului

This Program aims to partially support Japanese-language education activities by targeting Japaneselanguage teachers and students of Japanese-language institutions and organizations, in countries and regions that cannot readily access direct support from the Japan Foundation overseas offices.

Solicitanti eligibili

Non-profit Japanese-language institutions and organizations, including Japanese-language teacher associations and academic societies in countries in which there are no Japan Foundation overseas offices.

Activitati eligibile

Grant Coverage Grants partially defray expenses related to Japanese-language education activities carried out by overseas Japanese-language institutions and organizations. Examples of eligible programs for this support are given below.

Applicants may also submit their original projects or a combination of multiple programs:
A. Japanese-Language Activities Support Grant: Grants partially defray some costs related to holding programs (e.g., speech / debate contests, presentations, etc.) intended to motivate students and stimulate interest in Japanese-language education in the region. The Japan Foundation cannot ship actual prizes for speech contests from Japan.
B. Staff Expansion Grant: This grant partially defrays emoluments to Japanese-language teachers when applicants start a new Japanese-language course or increase the number of courses. However, grants are limited to programs that are expected to run independently without need of a grant from the Japan Foundation in the near future. (Grants are not given to support existing posts.)
C. Teaching Material Purchase Grant: This grant partially defrays the cost of purchasing teaching materials and supplementary materials needed by Japanese-language teachers when conducting Japanese-language courses. But the Japan Foundation cannot send actual teaching materials from Japan.
D. Conference Grant: This grant partially defrays the cost involved in holding seminars, workshops, symposiums and training sessions for Japanese-language teachers.
E. Publication Grant: This grant partially defrays the cost involved in preparing and publishing teaching materials consistent with the local curriculum and needs.
F. Other Original Proposals: This grant partially defrays the cost involved in implementing projects planned by the applicant that aim to promote Japanese-language education and train Japanese-language teachers.

Termene limita

December 1, 2011

Finantator: The Japan Foundation
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