Tomas Ferreira: In my vision Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is about face challenges – personal and professional ones


Tomas Ferreira accepted the challenge of being 4,000 km away from home and having an “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs” experience. He has connected with the “Eastern Marketing Insights” team and has shared with us some thoughts from this experience.

Why did you choose Romania to come with the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program?

In my vision Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is about face challenges- personal and professional ones. I had several offers from all Europe- all from countries close to Portugal. When Romania appeared I choosed it because of the different work and living context. To me growth is about challenging Myself and being 4000km away from home appeared has the perfect opportunity for that.

But most important was the company that connected with me: Eastern Marketing Insights. Having the chance to work in a company of my study area: Marketing; it was the perfect match and an “Oasis” in the European Platform of “Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs”.

How did you find the Romanian reality of previous perceptions?

The previous perceptions of Romania weren`t the best. It is the second biggest economy in East Europe, but not a very developed country. However, the country was a good surprised. Good transportations, accommodation, rich in culture and History emerges as the perfect place to this exchange experience. The people in Iasi are very open minded, speak English very well, have commitment with their companys and projects, are very polite and are always ready to help.

How is the relationship with the Romanian host entrepreneur and how is the business training carried out?

I have an excellent labour relation with the Host Entrepreneur. Since the first day they have been helping me integrate the company, showing me how they work and what I had to do. Alina Jijie and Irina Bicu received me very well and are always concerned with my well being in this new environment.

They gave me loads of material and support documents to better execute my job. Receiving constant feedback and helping with my business idea. The company has a great management policy and a bright vision to the future. Working in this environment is something that makes me grow as a professional.

What are the common elements that you find in Romania with your country?

Portugal and Romania are very different countries with a similar entrepreneurial ecosystem. Being an entrepreneur is a worldwide phenomenon, with a common language- English , so I daily find lots of common elements in Romania that I see in Portugal.

Being 4000 km can be a challenge, it`s a complety different context but Romania gives all the conditions to forget our “home bound” and daily accept new challenges.

What knowledge do you want to leave at the end of the internship?

Facing daily both personal and professional challenges makes me grow as a person and as a professional. This is the biggest knowledge that I imagine having.

By being in the first year of Marketing Degree this working experience also gives me a better notion of what I have to invest my time outside of classes.

More than this I plan to motivate Romanian Entrepreneurs to attend “Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs program”. With two conferences scheduled I hope after this I talk with them in person in Portugal.

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